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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Jan 16, 2020

We all need to be prepared for the possibility of long-term care. But when it comes to buying long-term care insurance it’s hard not to get sticker shock. Should you consider it as a part of your financial plan?


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Jan 9, 2020

Are you trying to decide if you should pay off the mortgage? Or if it’s worth refinancing? Would your investments be better made elsewhere?


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0:16 - Should you take the opportunity...

Dec 12, 2019

Do you have a plan for your assets and portfolio after you pass away? Or are you hoping your loved ones figure it out for you?


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0:30 - Ricky Gervais says he’s going to let all of his...

Dec 5, 2019

In the middle of football season, it’s hard not to get pulled into the game and root for your favorite players and teams. Watching the strategy and athletic ability compete is captivating. What lessons from football can you apply to strengthen your own financial strategy and ability as you work towards...

Nov 26, 2019

Have you always dreamed about owning your own business? Or do you see the financial opportunity that owning a business could provide? How does that work alongside your retirement plans?


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0:49 - When...