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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Apr 4, 2024

Brian and Brett talk about creative ways to reduce tax burdens, such as giving property deeds to farmhands or getting married on paper. Brian also talks about and helps you to understand more aabout opportunity zones and 1031 exchanges. He also emphasizes the importance of knowing the tax rules and planning for the five D's: death, disability, divorce, disagreement, and distress. The guys also discuss advice for business owners and real estate investors on how to minimize taxes, pass on wealth to the next generation, and create exit plans


00:00 Creative Ways to Reduce Taxes
02:47 Exploring Tax Strategies
05:44 The Limits of Tax Planning
13:02 Planning for the Five D's
21:30 Creating Exit Plans
23:13 Seeking Advice and Considering Estate Planning