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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Dec 26, 2019

We all mistakes in life and our finances are not excluded from our lapses in judgement. Don’t leave your retirement up to chance. Make sure you’re avoiding these dumb and dumber decisions.


Show notes and additional resources: 


Today's rundown:

0:16 – 25th anniversary for this comedy movie.  

1:58 – How much money did ‘Dumb and Dumber’ make?

2:12 – The dumb things we do when we try to plan our own retirement.

2:49 – The biggest problem is when people know they’re making a bad decision but do it anyway because they don’t want to ask anyone’s opinion.

4:30 – Another big mistake is not considering taxes down the road.

7:15 – Why Roth IRAs are a better option than traditional IRAs right now.  

10:04 – Make adjustments now to limit taxes later.