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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Jun 4, 2020

Does the volatility in the market make you nervous? Are you hesitant to put money back in? Fear seems to the be primary driving force for investors and might be doing more damage to your portfolio than the pandemic.


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Today's show schedule: 

0:16 - Fear is the real pandemic right now.

0:42 - Jim Paulson says this about why fear is a good sign.

1:32 - Does Brian agree that fear is a positive right now?

2:37 - An example of someone who is fearful because of restrictions to operate.

4:59 - We’re all dealing with craziness right now. How is Brian handling it with the kids?

7:35 - You learn more when it’s tough.

8:33 - Clients have a lot of these same questions.