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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Sep 26, 2019

Go team! Whether you’re spending weekends tailgating or watching the football game, there’s plenty to learn from one of America’s favorite sports. Are you putting these strategies and principles into place?  

Today's rundown: 

0:17 - Football, one of America’s favorite sports, is back.

3:02 - We don’t know when we will retire or how long we will live.

5:36 - So often, teams end up losing after they have a lead and then stop actively playing.

5:59 - Sometimes when people retire early they take out too much money too soon.

7:02 - Focus on how to get to the red zone of retirement.

8:16 - Defensive end for the New England Patriots Michael Bennett says he saves most of his money and lives on a fixed budget.

9:19 - How can people put themselves in a great financial position for the future?

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