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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Apr 20, 2023

When you meet with a financial advisor are they addressing your entire portfolio? More than simply IRAs and Roth investments, your advisor should see the whole picture. A major part of the picture is understanding tax-efficient investing. From 1031 exchanges to municipal bonds, you want to make sure to leverage your best options.


It’s also important to understand what your life looks like in retirement and how your investments will support that lifestyle. In this episode, Brian answers two questions from business owners trying to understand their best options moving forward.


 Here’s what we cover on today’s show:  


  • What are tax-efficient investments? (0:13)
  • A 1031 exchange could be a good option. (2:52)
  • What can you do with real estate when in retirement? (5:56)
  • Mailbag: Will selling my business provide enough income in retirement? (11:37)
  • Mailbag: What should I do about my inherited pizzeria business? (18:26) 


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