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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

May 25, 2023

Are you prone to making these major mistakes when it comes to taxes and overpaying? You have to be looking at your income and looking at your deductions and strategize in order to avoid major tax mistakes. Are you doing everything you can do? One of the keys to cutting taxes is timing. What other strategies should you keep in mind?


Here’s what you’ll learn on today’s show: 

  • What are the most expensive tax mistakes? (0:12)
  • Pay attention to what you’re going to pay in taxes. (4:28)
  • Realize that the calendar can be used to your benefit. (5:32)
  • Missing depreciation is a big mistake. (8:17)
  • Don’t overlook medical expenses. (15:19)
  • You don’t want to forget about car and truck expenses. (19:56)
  • Skipping a plan for your taxes is a huge mistake. (22:34)


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