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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Jan 26, 2024

In this episode, Brian Bowen and Brett Sharp discuss the top 10 tax strategies that all wealthy people must know. They cover a range of topics including cost segregation, captive insurance, defined benefit plans, tax loss harvesting, 1031 exchanges, opportunity zones, estate taxes, 706 portability, intermediate installment sales, and qualified small business stock. These strategies can help individuals and business owners reduce their tax liabilities and maximize their wealth.  As we heaed into tax season these are things you need to know.


  • 00:55Tax Tip #1: Cost Segregation
  • 03:01Tax Tip #2: Captive Insurance
  • 05:46Tax Tip #3: Defined Benefit Plan
  • 06:44Tax Tip #4: Tax Loss Harvesting
  • 08:04Tax Tip #5: 1031 Exchange
  • 10:28Tax Tip #6: Opportunity Zones
  • 15:08Tax Tip #7: Estate Taxes
  • 19:49Tax Tip #8: 706 Portability
  • 22:08Tax Tip #9: Intermediate Installment Sale
  • 24:30Tax Tip #10: Qualified Small Business Stock