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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Sep 1, 2023

Brian Bowen tackles a lot of stuff in this week's episode.  Things that affect your retirment and ways for you to deal with them.  He answers the question how hard is to plan for retirment, really? Also, did you know that you are a money role model for your kids and grandkids?  And what Gen Z thinks about the future of scial security, is better than what others think about it?  And Brian talks with Brett about the return of classic Atari games as they stroll down memory lane.


Here are the topics Brian talks about on today’s show:

·         Required Long Term Healthcare  (1:53)

·         Is Retirment Planning That Hard?(5:40)

·         Are You A Good Money Role Model? (12:33 )

·         Gen Z's Social Security Outlook  (16:15)