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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Jul 25, 2019

Along the path to retirement, we all make investments based on a variety of opinions and information we receive, but how often do we go back and reassess? Not doing so can cost you. Today we use a quote from Shaq and an analogy from Washington D.C. to explain the importance of understanding your investments.

Check out the show notes for this episode here, and take a look at the rundown below. 

0:54 – Introducing today’s topic

1:09 – This NBA star Shaquille O’Neal quote gets us started

1:45 – How Doe someone decide which investments are appropriate?

2:32 – Do you know why you own the investments that you do?

3:13 – If you don’t know, ask yourself this question.

3:28 – Using a Washington D.C. analogy to explain the issue.  

5:49 – The industry doesn’t always have your best interest in mind.

8:21 – How technology is changing the game in investors’ favor.

9:05 – What you can do if you don’t know what is in your portfolio and why.  

11:18 – Brian Bowen’s method for deciding what investments to make.