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Retire With Integrity Podcast with Brian Bowen

Dec 8, 2022

Mutual funds have been a popular way to invest, but are they what’s best for your financial plan? Brian talks about what happens with a mutual fund, who has them, and what might be a better fit instead. According to Brian, mutual funds are kind of like driving a 1987 Astrovan. Is that the kind of vehicle you want to travel in? 


Here’s what you’ll learn about mutual funds on the show:

  • Mutual funds are popular, but do people really understand them? (0:13)
  • If you want a tax-efficient portfolio, what strategy should you use? (4:00)
  • What can you do about taxes? (6:01)
  • What is the complimentary blueprint plan? (7:12)
  • Mailbag: What’s my first step to selling a $5M business? (9:41)
  • Home sales fell in September. What’s happening in the housing market? (16:15)

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